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  • Riding SMART! (Sept/Oct 2014) - a downloadable special edition of SMARTER's newsletter is a quick reference that (1) summarizes quality research and/or literature reviews related to helmet use and helmet-use laws, (2) provides a brief history of helmet use and helmet-use laws, and (3) reviews the components and goals of a comprehensive motorcyclist-safety program
  • What You Should Know About Motorcycle Helmets - the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, as part of its Cycle Safety Information series, produced this four-page document explaining the basic construction of a helmet, how helmets work, and how to choose one that fits
  • Bogus Helmets: What You Know Could Save Your Life! - the Washington State Patrol, in cooperation with the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, produced this four-page helmet-shopping guide to explain the differences between real helmets that have been manufactured to meet DOT standards and fake, novelty-style helmets with thin shells
  • Why Should You Wear a Full-face Helmet? - this "wear your helmet" poster prepared by Jeff Dean shows the helmet worn by Dave Swisher, a 1.1-million-mile BMW rider, after he suffered a crash, along with schematic diagrams of the impact areas on crash-involved motorcycle helmets
  • Motorcycle Safety: How to Save Lives and Save Money - the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention produced this 26-page guide to inform readers about the public health significance of motorcycle crashes, the best way protect riders (showing the anatomy of a helmet and what helmets do to prevent injuries), how states compare with one another in terms of motorcycle-related deaths and economic costs, and what can be done to increase motorcyclist safety
  • Motorcycle Helmet Research -Studies Show Helmets Save Lives and Reduce Injuries and that All-Rider Helmet Laws Are a Scientifically Proven Lifesaving Intervention.  SMARTER has compiled a Research Reference List regarding motorcycle and motorcycle helmet law effectiveness including economic impacts.

Informative Materials About Helmets Created by SMARTER


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Motorcycle Helmet Laws

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Full Protective Gear

  • Personal Protective Gear for the Motorcyclist - the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, as part of its Cycle Safety Information series, produced this four-page document describing all aspects of head-to-toe riding gear and protective apparel in varying weather conditions
  • Protective Equipment for Riders - this 16-page booklet produced by the European Safer Urban Motorcycling (eSUM) Project offers clear guidelines on how to choose personal protective equipment and shows the evidence-based benefits of wearing jackets, trousers, footwear, gloves, and head and face protection
  • Epic Journey - my struggle to ride by John Stockman.  This story is not about an epic ride, rather it is the story of the immeasurable challenges John Stockman faced in order to ride. It is also the story of the sources of his strength, his realizations about the public perception of motorcycling and his resulting dedication to make a difference.

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