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Our Principles Drive Our Mission

Ride smarter and stay safer with all the gear all the time

There are risks to riding a motorcycle. There are no safety measures that eliminate risk exposure.

SMARTER is a motorcyclist safety education association whose mission is two-fold: to promote risk-reduction strategies of individual riders and to support public policies that help keep motorcyclists safe. Our principles drive our mission to help you ride smarter and stay safer with all the gear all the time.

We believe

  • motorcyclists are responsible for their own safety.
  • responsible motorcyclists are trained and educated riders.
  • trained and educated riders make smarter choices to stay safer.
  • motorcyclists stay safer when they choose to ride smart with all the gear all the time.
  • wearing all the gear all the time demonstrates to nonriders and new riders the evolving culture of responsible motorcycling.
  • the culture of responsible motorcycling includes self-responsibility as well as a collective responsibility to fellow motorcyclists, especially new riders, who might otherwise make poor choices that increase the risks of riding.
  • our collective responsibility to the motorcycling community involves advocating for program implementation and public policies—safety initiatives, legislative enactments, and required skills training—that help keep motorcyclists safe.
  • public policymakers need to hear the voice of responsible motorcyclists so they have accurate information on which to make smarter decisions about motorcyclist safety.


We provide the resources riders need to make smarter choices.


We provide the resources policymakers need to make smarter decisions.


We are the voice of responsible motorcyclists.


We aim to change the prevailing culture of motorcycling to end needless disability and death.


 Skilled Motorcyclist Association–Responsible, Trained and Educated Riders, Inc.