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  • 04.10.13. MLive - "Medical and insurance coalition urges lawmakers to repeal law allowing helmetless motorcyclists"

    Dan Petterson, who heads a pro-helmet motorcycle group, called the helmet-choice law “a tragic human experiment” that lawmakers should repeal.…"While we can’t turn the clock back to save lives, we can restore our helmet law now. There is no shame in correcting your course. The shame is in continuing on a direction that’s proven to be dead wrong."

  • 07.29.12. Ann - "Snyder's motives in repealing motorcycle helmet law questionable," by Tom Watkins, former state mental health director, former state superintendent of schools, now a U.S./China consultant. 

    Scott Shoup, a motorcycle enthusiast and board member of the SMARTER rider-responsiblity group (, said he continues to wear a full-faced helmet for safety and calls for the reinstatement of Michigan's helmet law. Shoup is not surprised by the latest injury and death statistics. He and his organization predicted it. They testif[ied] to the Michigan legislature that the repeal of the helmet law will result in an increase of deaths, injuries and monetary and non-monetary quality-of-life costs.

  • 07.23.12. Holland Sentinel - "Three months later, repeal of helmet law looks like one hard-headed mistake," by Tom Watkins as noted above
  • 07.21.12. MLive Media Group (Muskegon) - "Viewpoint: Motorcycle helmet change a hard-headed mistake," by Tom Watkins as noted above
  • 08.16.11. NTSB Meets with Michigan Governor’s Office on Motorcycle Safety - Bill Gossard, from the National Transportation Safety Board’s Safety Advocacy Division, meets with Phillip Jeffery, Deputy Director of Strategy, Michigan’s Office of the Governor, to discuss the NTSB’s recommendations on universal motorcycle helmet laws, which include the 2007 recommendation that all persons aboard a motorcycle wear a helmet manufactured to meet DOT standards

    Gossard noted, “Several Michigan advocacy groups support the NTSB’s safety recommendation, including SMARTER USA (a pro-helmet law rider organization), AAA Michigan, and the Insurance Institute of Michigan.”